Oct 25

A Little Amazing….

Let’s open a Microsoft Word template in AbiWord from my Lubuntu Tool Live Linux, type a new blog post, then paste the contents into the blog, same as under Windows. Most cool…. Not perfect and there’ll be blog post about that shortly, but very cool.

Only used essential formatting like character and paragraph styles, standard Windows fonts, and page margins, but they all came across as they should’ve. Of course, certain obvious (ie. margins) formatting isn’t retained, but to use a word processor for “blogging” is doable, maybe even worthwhile. For those who don’t get fixated on the visual differences between AbiWord and Microsoft Word, it’s a straight-forward transition.

Regardless of what the evangelists say, text-only Emacs is great for just putting text down quickly in a powerful, scripted system, but I can carry around a great deal of power and I can turn a blog post into a word processing document that I can share with most of the world. If you’re already familiar with the legacy (ie. pre-Office 2007) Microsoft Word, then you’re good to go.

Finally, tried posting a comment, to one of these posts. As anticipated, this will quickly require a plugin for notification via SMS, but it’s easy enough to check into moderate WordPress as is, via e-mail.

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