Jan 17

And So It Begins

While I’ve been communicating electronically for over two decades, I never took web logging (or blogging) seriously. I still don’t (take it seriously.) However, I need to have a website and using the WordPress system (essentially a software platform for publishing blogs) is the best way to get there (ie. a worthwhile web presence) from nowhere.

I remember during the US Presidential Election of 1996, I kept hearing about bloggers and how they were changing the nature of journalism. Seventeen years later, I believe that blogging is simply a means of downsizing the mechanical aspect of the mass-media machine. However in my case, this particular blogging platform gives me something substantial to stand on, similar to a soapbox, in order to be seen and heard.

Anyway, I’ve always liked to write and this website will permit me to do that, but in a way that feels less narcissistic than Facebook, as well as much more productive than FB. (I’m skeptical of Facebook as well, but it won’t take me seventeen years to embrace that, just another couple of weeks until I can link my FB page to this site.)

Most of the site’s content will be the tech stuff that has sustained me over the years. I really love doing things with computers and can’t imagine them not being an important part of my life. Sharing those activities with people that appreciate computers as I do is what one can expect throughout this website. As I have always been a very private person, I can’t imagine ever posting family photos, but every once in a while, I might be inclined to share an opinion.

Of course, if you’re a prospective client, this website is intended to showcase the caliber of work I’m capable of and what you can expect if and when I undertake a project for you.

Finally, I soon as I can manage it, I will setup a (non-burdensome) means of contacting yours truly via this website, just in case a long-lost friend or colleague encounters the site. Later….

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