Oct 25

So Many Choices….

This WordPress thing is so overwhelming, given how much you can change about it, ya just have to start somewhere, so let’s start with a Microsoft Word template and a couple styles.  And let’s make this entire process self-documenting, so we’re using WordPress-1.0 Word template.  This document is called So Many Choices…Where To Begin.doc.

I started this blog, convinced that a word processor would be a good way to do this, so let’s really find out.  Still have to figure out lots of details about how I’d like to configure WP, we can’t makie any progress till we take the first step.

I also wonder if it makes a difference to put “periods” or dots where spaces would be in tags.  I think it is worthwhile in filenames on my PC, but I’m not sure about how it impact tags.  We’ll see….

And there’s the site WPBeginner, one of many to help getting started with the most popular system for authoring websites.


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